How to Hire a Hacker on Dark Web?

Hire a hacker on dark web

Very often you will come across the terms like “hacker” and “dark web”. The term “hacker” refers to people gaining access to the personal and exclusive information of others. Also, using regular web browsers you can access hardly only 4% of the Internet with 96% remaining out of your reach. To access these vast areas of the Internet you will have to hire a hacker on the dark web. The question is whether it is possible hiring such hackers on the dark web?

Use of Dark Web

Research has found out that a good amount of activities carried out on the dark web are criminal. Hacking is included in the activities on the dark web and accounts for around 4.25% of the illegal activities carried out on it. This also means that it is possible to hire a hacker on the dark web but it is important learning how it works.

Understanding Dark Web

Before you try hiring a hacker on the dark web it is necessary to understand what the dark web is and how it operates.
There is a difference between the “dark web” and the “deep web”;
The deep web is the area of the Internet that the web browsers are unable to index;
On the other hand, the dark web is only a small part of the deep web;
The dark web is the outcome of “darknets” networks; and
You will need special software, accurate settings, as well as authorization to access the dark web contents.

How Dark Web Works

Thus, to access the dark web you need software like the ‘Tor” that keeps the user identity hidden by way of encrypting the connection. This software works to –
Protect the privacy of users;
Encrypting the information uploaded; and
Allows easy navigation of the dark web areas on the Internet.

What is Hacking?

Hacking started as one of the harmless hobbies for teenage students. It was like the discovery of a computer virus by a Cornwell University student. Due to the rapid digitization of the world hacking turned into a criminal activity punishable under the cybercrime laws implemented by most countries.

Hacking refers to unauthorized access to third-party information on the web. The most common uses of hacking are for stealing money or for accessing classified information that could be made public later. Conversely; the information collected by hacking can be used to the owner’s disadvantage in many ways.

Hire a Hacker on Dark Web

You can hire a hacker on the dark web for any illegal purpose. The process involves –
Paying fixed prices to the hacker;
The prices will vary according to the task to be accomplished by the hacker; and
Such hackers will use both the dark web and regular web platforms for hacking.

Motivation for Hackers

While all types of hacking are not criminal activities when you hire one from the dark web the goal usually is carrying out some illegal works. The reason is that sometimes one may need to view the data stored bypassing the security measures for legal purposes.

An example is breaking the code and password of criminals by the law enforcement agencies to prevent the growth of crime. Thus, it is the reason behind the hacking and motivational factors that decide whether the hacking is legal or not.

Black Hat Hackers and the Dark Web

There are two types of hackers namely; the black hat hackers and the white hat hackers.
When you hire a hacker on the dark web it is usually the black hat hacker;
These hackers create malware to gain access to different networks and for bypassing the security systems; and the
Motivational factors are cash and/or other remuneration for the hacking task carried out.
There are also the white hat and gray hat hackers but the dark web is not used to hire them. The reason is that they hack with the permission of the owner and are not lawbreakers.

Hacker Dark Web Relations

As already pointed out, the black hat hackers and the dark web are e closely related to each other. While hackers are easily available on the dark web it is not prudent hiring the one that you come across first of all while searching for the hacker.

It will be a good move to access marketplaces on the dark web that focuses on illegal activities. When you hire a hacker on the dark web the advantage is that you can rest assured about the results. An example of such a marketplace on the dark web is the “Silk Road” which focuses on illegal hacking.

The range of services by the hacker hired can be vast including individuals or organizations targeted for hacking. In short; the task can be smaller like hacking a particular social media account or big deals like distributed denial of service of a website.

Things to Know about the Hacker

It will be necessary to learn some facts about the hacker shortlisted before you hire a hacker on the dark web. Like most other commercial entities you will also need to find a hacker that can deliver results.It really depends what you want to hire a hacker for like if you want a hacker for phone monitoring then provide your spare phone for them to prove their capabilities before hiring them and so on.

This will also help you avoid walking into a scam that is as common on the dark web as they are on the regular web. You have to be careful in selection as the hackers on the dark web with the sole objective of earning money. They pay the least attention to the benefit of the hirer and the safety and security of the site. In short; it is your precautions that will enable you to avoid unscrupulous traders and find the right one.

The bottom line of all these is that when you hire a hacker on the dark web you have to remember that they do not advertise their services like others. Therefore, you need to trade with due care and caution to avoid experiencing any unpleasant results by hiring the wrong one. Also, the hiring is usually done using crypto-currencies like Bitcoin that accounts for over 65% of all transactions on the dark web. In any case, you should not overlook the basics of hiring a reliable hacker from the dark web.

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