Top reasons why women cheat

First things first, before I discuss the reasons why women cheat.  Let me clear out that I do not have any gender bias 

There is a misperception that men step out on their partners often and that women are faithful. According to a survey, 20% of men and 13% of women had extra-marital sex. So, the question, why women cheat, remains. Most couples do not imagine that their relationship would end in infidelity. But the fact is cheating can rock any relationship. If a woman gets dissatisfied in a relationship, she may not complain to her friends but look for hookups. But why does she do it? It is because there could be a myriad of reasons why women cheat their partners.

While motivations to indulge in extramarital affairs are vast, primary reasons for cheating are mostly unmet needs. It could be anything from unhappiness, un-appreciation, dissatisfaction, and frustration. When women cheat they mostly do it for filling a void without realizing how it affects their relationship. 

Reasons why women cheat 

Women, typically, act out of their partner for any one or more of the following reasons.

1. Dissatisfaction 

It is the latent cause of cheating in many cases. It starts with the feeling “my spouse is not caring for me” or “we are in a bad patch”. When a woman gets dissatisfied in the primary relationship, it triggers her to cross the boundary. Sometimes a woman expects too much from a relationship. And when that does not happen, she cheats.

2. Low self-esteem

It is a great contributor to the reasons why women cheat.  In many cases, the partner treats them as a housekeeper and financer than a companion. Being neglected, she struggles with her self-worth and, sometimes, it spurs her to look to external sources.  And, when they find validation and solace in their new romantic sources, the cycle continues.

3. Emotional starvation

Women starve for intimacy, conversation, devotion, respect, empathy, adoration, and support in their relationship. They like to get connected with their partner more through non-sexual ways. If the relationship lacks these, the women fall for feeling those sentiments outside and start cheating.

4. Anger or retribution

Sometimes anger or retribution are reasons why women cheat. It is because some women enter into a relationship with utopian ideas that fall beyond reality.  Falling short of this makes them extremely disappointed, and they start looking for other sources. Past affairs of the partner also contribute to this.

5. Dull and boring life

The current social situation and demanding work pressure have made life dull and boring, especially for working couples. They return home dog tired, do daily chores, and get ready for the next day. And they go under the bed sheet just for habit. Being a victim of such a situation, women, sometimes, try external sources just for thrill and excitement. 

6. Lack of sex

Keeping the spark alive is the prime requirement for a healthy and successful relationship. Women also appreciate good sex just like men. But, familiarity and routine put the frequency and quality of sex backstage. Women miss the thrill of the passionate beginning of their relationship. This sexual deprivation is one of the prime reasons why women cheat. It so happens sometimes that women outsource sex just for maintaining their primary relationship.

7. Loneliness

Sometimes the partner of a woman works for long hours leaving her alone the whole day with kids. Sometimes the significant other fights with a chronic illness. Such situations make a woman lonely. It induces a void in life. And when someone else fills that void, women cheat. 

8. Anxious and avoidant attachment

Your childhood influences how you would perceive and behave in your intimate relationship as an adult. Women with anxious and avoidant attachment have problems in emotion regulation and control. When an avoidant woman gets stuck in an unrewarding relationship, she has many thoughts. And she starts looking for emotional warmth and security at other places.

9. Mid-life crisis

The mid-life crisis is also one of the major reasons why women cheat. Midlife women suffer from the fears of aging. They love the reassurance that they are still attractive. The excitement of an affair acts as an antidote to their depression and fear.   A majority of mid-life women act out because they want more romantic passion with good sex. According to a report, both midlife and older women remain sexually active if a partner is available. 

10. Opportunity

Many of the women’s cheating cases is an outcome of an unexpected opportunity. Sometimes women feel down, and a man on a similar boat by chance comes nearby. They start sympathizing, and cheating starts from there. Such cases mostly happen when the partner is absent for a long time. The digital realm also acts as a springboard for such things. In most cases, women in such situations cannot explain their infidelity and think it a mistake.

11. Overwhelming needs of others

Sometimes women who love their spouse and family are also found to cheat. They feel overwhelmed by the needs of others in the family. They find a sense of life fulfillment in having sex out of marriage as the new person made them feel special.

12. Want to break-up really

Wanting a break-up is one of the reasons why women cheat. Physical and mental torture is the major cause of this. In such cases, women think cheating to be an easier option to end the relationship than to confront their numbing partner.

Warning signs of cheating

  • Suspicious activity around the phone and laptop 
  • Taking more care and dressing nicer
  • Sudden differences in sex life
  • Often being out for extended periods
  • Getting hold is not possible when they are out
  • Unexplained expenses on the bank statement

Parting words

There are reasons why women cheat, and it can be there in every relationship. But, it is never the end of the road for a couple. Getting out of cheating is also possible by forgiveness and commitment. It helps to build trust for a long-lasting and healthy relationship.

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